“3 Ingredient Fast & Easy Life Changing Nutella Brownies”

nutellas-brownie (1) final

 “3 Ingredient Fast & Easy Life Changing Nutella Brownies”

This should be in every single person, college age or teen’s cell phone for a quick and amazing dessert.

Mom need a break from the kids; or do you want to treat the kids? This ridiculously easy recipe is for you.

A sexy dessert for date night.

Lazy dad?   If you can’t make this, you should have to sleep on the couch. Make this for the woman you love and you can stay out of the dog house for at least a week.



1 1/4 cup (13 oz.) Nutella
2 large eggs
1/2 cup all purpose flour

1/2 cup nuts (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 F. Lightly coat an 8×8-inch (or 9×9) baking dish with nonstick cooking spray, oil or butter.

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix until smooth. Pour into prepared dish and smooth top with spatula.

Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Be careful not to over-bake, otherwise brownies will dry out. Let cool before cutting and serving.


-They are endless. Add nuts, coconut, carob or chocolate chips. How about white chocolate chips or chopped white chocolate.

-Dried cranberries or cherries or blueberries? wow.

-Another amazing addition would be to add 2 TBSP of toffee on top or in the mix. You can even top with a little chocolate ganache (1/2 hot cream, 1/2 chocolate to melt)

-Put mini morsels of white and dark chocolate on top or even melt caramel on top. Or just sprinkle a dust of powder sugar.

-You can drizzle melted dark and white chocolate on top. ENDLESS IDEAS.

-If you like cake like brownies, add 1/2 tsp baking soda. (I like my brownies gooey and fudgie myself!)

-If you really want to be adventurous, add a small pinch of cayenne pepper for a naughty twinge on the back of your throat when you eat them. Use your imagination. Wow!

“Raiders on the Right Track Even with Setback Loss To Chicago”

raiders bears

Final Oakland Raider Grades @ Chicago Bears; Week 4:

Chicago Bears 22 (1-3)

Oakland Raiders 20 (2-2)

Two steps forward, one step back. The Raiders took a step backwards with a bad loss to the Chicago Bears on the road. The Bears last win was on November 23, 2014 against Tampa Bay.   Last years team was atrocious under coach Marc Trestman and this was a nice win for the Bears and a tough loss for the Raiders. Many people including myself had the Raiders winning this one going into the Denver game.

Anyone that reads me know’s I’m not rah rah.  I tell it like it is even if it’s not that fun for homer fans to read.  I try to be honest; so when I’m saying things aren’t as bad as people are making it out to be, you should listen.

We found out 3 things with this game;

-Oakland is an improved team on the way up

-the Raiders aren’t as good as some say they are

-they play more conservative in the second half

If you are one of those people that live and die every week with your team, I hope that you have your counselor on speed dial. Not every loss is tragic, and not every win is epic. The NFL season is a marathon and you have to have a short memory whether you win or lose.  The sky isn’t falling after the loss to the hapless Bears but it is raining.

The Raiders are definitely a better team which is really a good thing for their fans and the NFL. If you expect them in the playoffs going 11-5 or 10-6 though, you are going to have some rough times. I think this is a .500 team. Considering where they came from, this would be very positive.   Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.  If you expect them to win every game then you are going to have some bad moments.  This isn’t your fathers and grandfathers Raiders.

It’s encouraging to see the great effort the players are putting in and it’s obvious this team has improved greatly over the past 12 years. I’m also realistic though, and good teams don’t lose to the likes of Chicago. I think they are on the right track though even with this setback.


Derek Carr didn’t have a great day but it wasn’t bad either. He made a very nice throw to Amari Cooper for a touchdown but wasn’t as accurate as he was in the past 2 weeks. The Bears came after him more with a better pass rush and I’m sure that had some effect on him. He only threw for 196 yards.

People put all the blame for the conservative play calls on Raiders OC Bill Musgrave but I guarantee you if Brady or Rodgers doesn’t like the play, they change it. Bears DC Vic Fangio had a pretty clear mindset; take away the first down run and make the Raiders throw. It worked like it had so many times last year. The conservative nature of the game in the second half has to fall partly on Carr who can audible at any time.

The mindset of Carr, Musgrave, and the Raiders offense on the last drive seemed to be lets get a field goal.   The Bears were aggressive on defense and Cooper had man to man coverage on the entire final drive. A play action deep pass had to be tried. When your defense is really good you can get the field goal; when it isn’t, you go for the touchdown.


Again, it wasn’t like the last 2 weeks but it wasn’t a bad game. The improved pass rush made him hurry a few throws and his accuracy wasn’t what it was. Crabtree made some really nice catches on a couple of them. I like Carr’s development but he has to audible when so many defenders are on the line of scrimmage on first down.

Running Backs:

I’ve said it before; the Raiders are taking a huge risk putting all their eggs in the Latavius Murray basket.   I think Marcel Reece needs to get some snaps at running back. He’s just too talented to only touch the ball a couple of times a game.

Murray imploded. He constantly was looking over his shoulder anticipating hits and hearing footsteps. He dropped 2 passes; one which went for an interception; fumbled a simple pitch play and was off all day. It got so bad he was benched for the rest of the 4th quarter and replaced by backup Roy Helu Jr. who played well in his absence. Helu Jr. made some nice runs and caught the ball well.

Grade C

Helu Jr. was a nice change of pace and Marcel Reece; on one of his few touches; made a great grab for a nice pass reception. Murray was brutal and he played like he did not want to be there. A good NFL player shows up every week. Murray didn’t show up.

Offensive Line:

Most of the networks picked up on what the strategy of the day for the Bears was; take away the first down run. Trent Green (who other than his worship of NFL QB’s is a really good analyst) pointed out a few times on first down that the Bears safeties were about 8 yards off the line of scrimmage.   The Bears dared the Raiders to throw, but in the second half they continued to run on first down. An audible with a play action pass and throwing a long one to Cooper was there all day long, including the last drive.

People are quick to blame the offensive line for the run struggles in this game but you can’t run the ball against 8 defenders near the line of scrimmage while trying to run on first down all the time.

The Raiders are not going to be able to run the ball if they don’t keep teams honest and throw on first down. Against the Ravens especially, they did play action on first down often and it opened up the field and the run.

Carr had a moderate rush at times and was sacked twice. Not a great day but not as bad as people say. Again if the stars don’t shine on an NFL team, Fan speak 101 says blame the coaches and the offensive line. If the stars shine, give the stars all the credit. Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be offensive linemen.

Grade C+

This group can play better.   Carr still had time to throw but the Raiders have to throw on first down more and keep teams honest or they can’t run the ball. The OL has had better games and will continue to improve and gel.

Wide Receivers:

Crabtree twisted his ankle but he came back and made two great grabs and lead the team with 5 catches for 80 yards. Cooper had a nice route and catch on a touchdown but other than a drop in the first quarter, he wasn’t much of a factor either way.

Seth Roberts almost made a great catch for another TD but his foot was out of bounds.


A gutsy performance by Crabtree. The Raiders didn’t have the ball all that much and when they did; especially in the 2nd half; they were fairly conservative.

Defensive Line:

Dan Williams and Justin Tuck continue to play well. Aldon Smith and Kahlil Mack played well, especially Smith who had 6 solo tackles, a pass batted down, a tackle for loss and a sack. The Raiders again blitzed often in the first half but didn’t as much in the second half. On the final drive they mostly rushed 4 men and had a mild blitz on only one play.

Matt Forte is a great running back and even though he did get 91 yards rushing, it took 25 carries to do so.   Not a great game but not bad either.

In the second half though the lack of pass rush has to be addressed. The Raiders have to continue to send blitzes. Right now this group isn’t good enough to just rush 4 players yet.

Grade: C+

At times they played really well and at other times they could not get the pressure on the quarterback that they needed to. The Raiders need to mix in blitzes throughout the game to keep teams honest.   They continue to be too conservative to want to blitz near the end of the game.


Like I’ve said before, the LB’s have their strengths but all of them have weaknesses too. Curtis Lofton had a bad game though. He’s usually really good against the run but he was inconsistent. He is not a cover guy and he struggled mightily in pass coverage.

I’m still not sold that Ray Ray Armstrong is a starter. Malcolm Smith is a good blitzer and pass defender but not much of a run stopper and it showed at times. This group is going to have good and bad days and this was not one of their better days.

Grade C-

The Raiders LB’s struggled at times and seemed lost against the pass.

Defensive Backs:

Jay Cutler couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn at times but he still carved up the Raiders defense for 281 yards and 2 TD’s and an interception. The Raiders pass defense is just awful at times. Part of it is that they are so depleted with injuries, but in reality they really don’t have a quality starting cornerback. Carrie again had to be moved over to safety due to injuries. DJ Hayden again struggled and to be honest I’m tired of picking on him. He’s just not a starting NFL CB and with 4.9 million due him next year, he’s all but gone. David Amerson was a surprise at CB with 2 nice plays knocking down passes in coverage.   He also was second on the team with tackles at 7.

The Raiders safeties can’t guard tight ends. The Raiders have tried everything; even covering tight ends with linebackers; but it’s just not happening. If the Raiders pass rush struggles, so will the DB’s.

Grade D  

The Raiders are 31st in passing yards against and 31st in total yards. They are now 26th in scoring defense.

Even with the Bears having so few weapons, this was another rough day for this group. Without Alshon Jeffery, the Bears do not have a #1 WR.   This group took it to the Raiders at times. In fact, Cutler threw only to 4 players all day.


The Raiders on offense were much more conservative than in the past, and it was really seen in the second half. The Raiders were afraid to pass on 1st down and they struggled mightily running the ball with the Bears putting many people in the block to stop it. In almost every first down play in the second half, the Raiders ran the ball. Carr also has to audible more on first down. Cooper often had clear man to man coverage on first down which should have meant play action pass, and then throw to him deep.

Musgrave did well by benching Murray because he just was somewhere else.

On defense, the Raiders again rarely blitzed in the second half. No matter what the publicity says, the Raiders 4 man rush can’t rush the passer on every down and harass the QB enough to disrupt him right now. The Raiders needed to blitz more. I watched the Denver game and the Broncos blitzed often in the final drive against the Vikings and it worked with a fumble recovery after hitting Teddy Bridgewater which secured the win. The Raiders have nothing to lose and you have to look at the risk v.s. reward.

I also think with the Raiders having so little talent and depth at cornerback that having TJ Carrie return punts was a huge mistake. It came back to bite them when Carrie had to leave the game after returning a kick.

Grade C-

Too conservative again in the second half. Some though are trying to blame the coaches in regards to the opponents tight ends dominating the Raiders, but they’ve tried everything. Woodsen is getting his interceptions but he struggles a lot in coverage. With all of the injuries at safety and the struggles of the linebackers in coverage, the Raiders are going to be vulnerable to tight ends all year. If Carrie can get back on the field, maybe have him stay at safety and take over the role.

Special Teams:

TJ Carrie getting injured on a punt return was discouraging.

Sebastian Janikowski and Marquette King were as solid as always. One of the most consistent groups in the NFL.   The return game wasn’t much of a factor and it was hard to lose a starting DB during a punt return.

Grade A-

King and Jano are solid as always. Return game not much of a factor.

Next Opponent:   Denver Broncos (4-0); last game, win @ home against the Minnesota Vikings 23-20)


The Raiders are an improved team and this loss should not discourage that. What it should do though is give them a reality check.   They are an average team; which is good from where they came from; looking to become a good one.

No matter how you spin it though, this was a bad loss against a team that hadn’t won a game since last November. The AFC west is not what it once was so that helps the Raiders some, but Denver’s aggressive defense is for real.

Peyton Manning is on his last legs, but he still has weapons in the likes of Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. The Broncos offense isn’t what it once was and has struggled this year. Their defense though might be the best in the NFL. They have 4 solid pass rushers and an aggressive style that is constantly finding ways to get to the quarterback. I like them a lot and love their aggressive nature.

The Raiders are just 7-17 against the Broncos since 2003 and 0-7 in their last 7 meetings. Denver’s margin of victory in those 7 wins is 22 points. They have controlled the Raiders by stopping the run and rushing the passer on passing downs. On offense, they’ve been able to do pretty much what they wanted against the Raiders so this will be a good test for the defense.

The Raiders will have their hands full against Denver next week. They hope to continue their improved offensive performance while enhancing their ability to get to the passer which will be imperative against Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

“Raiders Will be 3-1 Heading Into Denver Showdown; Raiders v.s. Chicago Preview”


Week 4 Preview: Oakland Raiders (2-1) @ Chicago Bears (0-3)

Sunday, October 4, 10:00 AM on CBS

Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

I had the Raiders winning by a touchdown last week and they made me look good by holding on to a 27-20 win in Cleveland against the Browns. The gamblers had the Browns winning by 3.

Recap of Last week:

Raiders: Derek Carr had another great game and other than the Arizona Cardinals, there is no offensive line playing better than the Oakland Raiders OL. The Raiders OL was dominating with Carr at times having no one near him. The run game again flourished with teams now finally having to respect the Raiders passing game. Latavius Murray rushed for 139 yards on 26 carries and a rushing touchdown.

The Defense had a lot of good moments. In the first half the Raiders blitzed about 80% of the time, almost always sending 5 players to rush the passer on passing plays.   The Raiders dominated the first half giving up only 107 yards in passing at half time.   Unfortunately they tried to rush the passer more with only 4 players and Josh McCown of all people passed for 340 yards total. McCown was pretty much late on most passes he threw but he still brought the Browns back to a potential tying TD. He again threw late in the final drive and Charles Woodsen picked him off to preserve the win.

Chicago:   In college basketball and football they call this a “trap” game.   The Raiders play Denver next week and many times teams look ahead to a big match up and underestimate their opponent and lose. To the Bears credit, they have lost to 3 of the top teams in the NFL; Green Bay, Arizona, and Seattle in Washington. The Raiders have beaten 2 teams with a combined 2-5 record.  THE RAIDERS CAN’T LOOK PAST ANYONE!!!!

Want to know how bad things are going in Chicago? The Chicago fan base and media are already talking about who to pick #1 overall in the next NFL draft. Jay Cutler is an average NFL QB but Jimmy Clausen isn’t. The Bears had little to no chance to score last week against the Seattle defense.

Cutler might play but many doubt he’ll be rushed back. If he doesn’t play, Clausen completed 9 passes all game for 63 yards. In 10 possessions, the Bears punted every time.   Clausen is 1-10 as a starter as well.

Matt Forte is still a solid player but there are now rumors that he will be shopped around during the trade deadline. Even star WR Alshon Jeffery is now ruled out for the game Sunday.

The Raiders will win if:

DEFENSE: The Raiders defense is ranked 30th in yards per game, 30th in passing yards against and passing yards per game, and 27th in points and 19th in sacks. The Raiders played the Ravens who aren’t a juggernaut and who should be 0-4 if the Steelers had a kicker; and the Browns who are a bad football team.

On the good side, Aldon Smith played much better and it showed. Mack had a very good game with 2 sacks. With all of the blitzing, the LB’s ended up with 3 sacks and played a huge part in helping the Raiders pass rush.

Look for the DB’s to finally take a breather. The Browns have very little talent at WR, but without Jeffery the Bears have less.   Look for the small DJ Hayden fan club to at least have one good week.

OFFENSE: If the OL can continue to play lights out, look for Carr to shine again. With no pass rush to deal with an NFL QB can carve up a defense and that’s what Carr is doing. I see another 300 game from Derek.

Look for the run game to shine again like last week. I don’t see the Bears DL being any problem for the Raiders OL to handle.

The Bears will win if:

OFFENSE: The only chance they have to win the game is if Jay Cutler plays. He’s not an elite QB but he’s ok and he is their only shot. If Clausen plays, this should be a fairly easy game for the Raiders. Matt Forte will have to have an epic game as well. The x factor is talented Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. The Raiders safeties have been torched by tight ends all year and look for the Bears to try to feature Bennett who is their #1 pass catcher so far this year.

DEFENSE: The proud tradition of the Bears defense is a long and storied one. From Doug Atkins to the great Dick Butkus to the 85 Bears; it’s as good as any. To see how bad this defense is now is embarrassing.

Some will say the Bears are a top 10 passing defense but as many stats are it’s misleading.   (Liars use stats and stats almost always lie). They are rated that high because they’ve been destroyed in 2 games so their opponents just ran the ball to run out the game. They have been terrible against the run ranking 26th.


Another east coast game at an early time is hard to deal with.  This is the second one of 4 this year. It’s also hard to gauge the Bears because they have had such a difficult schedule. The Raiders ended a lot of bad streaks last week against Cleveland, but in the end it wasn’t easy.

I trust gamblers but again, I’m not sure what they are seeing. Many had the Browns a 3 to 3 1/2 point favorite last week over the Raiders and I’ve seen the spread at 1-2 1/2 points being given to the Bears for this weeks game.

If Cutler doesn’t play, the Bears have little to no chance to win. Even if Cutler plays, it will be a tough game.

I see the Raiders having a good game on defense, and for Latavius Murray to have another solid if not spectacular 100 yard rushing game. Jared Allen and Jon Bostic were both traded which also limits the Bears pass rush. I see the Raiders OL handling the Bears and I feel Carr will again have all day to throw and reach the 300 yard plateau.

Look for Khalil Mack and/or Aldon Smith to continue to get better, especially with the LB’s blitzing. The Raiders linebackers had their best game in years and look for them to continue to blitz and rush the passer. The Raiders can’t call off the dogs though; they need to be aggressive throughout the game. Giving up another 340 game to the likes of Josh McCown is not a good sign. Matt Forte must be kept in check, and talented tight end Martellus Bennett has to be covered.

Final Score:

Raiders 27

Bears 13

The Bears are cleaning house and are in full rebuild mode.  This is again a must win. You can’t lose to the potential worst team in the NFL on the road. With a quality Denver Broncos team lurking ahead, the Raiders need this game. Denver has a real defense and it will be a big test for the Raiders but they can’t overlook the Bears in ANY WAY.  With that being said, I see the Raiders winning going away and the fans enjoying a fun week of trash talk.

“The Truth About San Francisco and Oakland Fan Violence; The Media Does it Again”

fan violence 9sd


I belong to fan pages of every NFL team so I can get a glimpse of what the vibes are around the league.  I’ve concentrated on Oakland but I want to stay abreast as to inside thoughts and what makes fans tick.  Most fan bases are the same; the league is against them, everyone is a hater, the media won’t respect them and it’s kind of fun to see actually. Saying that though, there is a huge injustice going on in the San Francisco bay area and it needs to be called out; AGAIN.

First off to all of the good San Francisco fans that supported my article last year; along with the facts; I appreciate it greatly. Obviously not all 49er fans are violent jerks.  I wrote it in response to the San Francisco bay are media trashing Oakland fans reputation for bad fan behavior.

Local reporters, fans and news people posted this article on some major news outlets and even 49er fan and team sites. Why? Because the main San Francisco media did what they do best; arrogantly not tell the truth about some San Francisco fans and how bad they are, while easily trashing Oakland fans with a sneer and a giggle.


Raider fans continue to get bashed when the reality is the lazy and arrogant local media refuses to be honest.   San Francisco has a much higher arrest rate than Oakland Raider fans do and these are numbers from police departments.  But the truth isn’t sexy; ripping on Raider fans is.

Most of the people fighting are males under 35 years old. As I’ve said before, if you are a grown adult, and you fight at a game then you are a scumbag. You are a pathetic coward loser, and your kids and family members should be able to see the video of you acting like an idiot. You should go to jail and pay restitution and all should see what a violent coward you are.


San Francisco fan violence is a historical thing. Just ask 49er great John Brodie. How many times did fans turn on Brodie when the 49ers didn’t do well.   Kezar Stadium at times was a place where fans threw insults and other things at players and other fans, especially Brodie who many feel should be in the hall of fame.

My dad used to tell me of a group of 49er fans that would drink so much that by the start of the game they were practically napping in the stands. When they would wake up, their team better be doing good or there would be hell to pay. The parking lot fights were of legend.

How many riots were seen when the Golden State Warriors won the title?  ……crickets…….  Two guys got into a fight and people tried to make a big deal out of it.  Beyond ridiculous.

Fast forward to the Giants and the World Series wins. The media mostly talked about the great win and the pride of being a Giants fan. All I heard was how perfect and awesome San Francisco fans were. But ask San Francisco natives about the pride when they saw bonfires in the streets, cars on fire and small fights and riots in local fast food restaurants; some even caught on tape but rarely reported by the media.

No one talked about it but another group of “brave” 49er fans in 2011 jumped a 66; YES A SIXTY SIX year old Steelers fan at Candlestick Park.   A group of them were beating and kicking him while he was on the ground sending him to the hospital. When security came up, the fans fought them.

Recently the ugly head of violence showed up again when 49er fans jumped a Minnesota Vikings fan in week 1. An extremely ugly situation where they wouldn’t stop even when security guards showed up, and 49er fans came to help.


Arrests were made.


I listened to several media outlets last week talk about another 49er fan fight in Downey, California; YES Downey which is a little south of Los Angeles. It was a brawl started by 49er fans against Steeler Fans at a local restaurant. Instead of the media tackling the issue, almost ALL of them commented on how this is how Raider fans usually act or this is reserved for Raider games. I’m sure their pinkies were in the air when they said it.

Think it’s just young men? Not a chance. Youtube used to have a video of 2 female Raider fans who were jumped by several San Francisco female fans in the parking lot. The video is no longer on Youtube for some reason but I’m still going to try and look for it. Stay classy ladies.

I do agree that when the Raiders were in Los Angeles, the violence was epic. It was a dangerous place to be.   I know people who tell me horror stories of the violence there. In Oakland it’s the opposite. Fans here can be vulgar and aggressive; but they are no where near as violent as San Francisco or other NFL fans.

Why Does It Go On?:

The NFL is the epitome of an evil business. They say they can’t afford to pay referees full time, so they are part time employees with bad calls still being the norm. Cheerleaders have to sue owners to get minimum wage. Players get no healthcare after 5 years past retirement when they are of no use to the league. The denial that concussions were a problem and screwing fans over with high prices ($150 to park at a Super Bowl?), just shows a history of extreme greed without a conscious. The definition of evil.

Hiring 100 pound 18 year old teens as security guards for $10/hr. isn’t the answer for fan violence. Actually use trained security guards that can take care of business because even when today’s security guards show up, fighting fans don’t respect them and often laugh them off.  The cheapskate NFL can afford it, but they and the owners won’t pay for it.

The image protection of the NFL and San Francisco is in full swing right now with the Super Bowl coming soon. They are already making plans to hide and ship some of the homeless out of the Super Bowl area. The NFL in all of it’s cheapness also set up a website to get young people to work during the Super Bowl break. What is their pay? You find out that it’s a t-shirt with a patch on it and some other minor trinkets.

San Francisco Media:

I am not one of these whiners that complain all the time about “haters”. I’m also not one to tell fans what they want to hear to get them to follow and adore me like so many try to do. I always try to be honest and show the facts, and the facts are that the San Francisco media are liars in regards to fan violence.

They are not telling the truth or doing their home work. Do the research, look at the numbers and talk to the fans.   For once let’s have news outlets that actually tell the truth and lets readers do their own thinking, instead of just spreading false propaganda. I get it; many people only want to hear what they want to hear and you don’t want to upset them so that they will still read your stories. If you did the right thing though, you’d have something more important than popularity.  You’d have truth and many people’s respect.

“Final Grades: Raiders Go 2-1 against Cleveland; Unsung Heroes In Oakland”


Final Oakland Raider Grades @ Cleveland Browns; Week 3:

Cleveland Browns 16 (1-2)

Oakland Raiders 23 (2-1)

The first thought I had at the start of the game was did Katy Perry or Taylor Swift design the Browns new uniforms.  They are awful.  Now to the important thing, the game.

I had the Raiders winning 23-16, and they held on for a 27-20 win @ the Dawg Pound in Cleveland. The Raiders OL controlled the game and the Raiders dominated the first half.   Cleveland came on late keeping RB’s in the backfield to combat the Raiders blitzing rushers and made it close, but an interception on the final drive by Charles Woodsen sealed the victory.   Before this, the Raiders had only 2 wins on the road in 3 years and hadn’t won on the east coast in 6 years.

Right now, the Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals offensive lines are the best in the NFL. The Cardinals are the best team in the NFL right now and the Raiders are much improved.  Dan Williams is playing as good as anyone in the NFL against the run and Justin Tuck has also stepped up his game against the run.  These are the unsung heroes of the NFL right now.


Derek Carr had all day to throw and he carved up a porous Cleveland defense. Cleveland had no answer for the Raiders passing game. As many non Raider fans said, this is a win against the Browns but a win on the road is a big win for a team that has struggled so much on the road. Carr used roll outs and quick throws to take control of the game.   No one in the NFL runs better routes than Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper. Cooper has personally disbanded the “we should draft Kevin White” fan club with his great play. Cooper dominated in college and he’s doing the same in Oakland. Carr has great chemistry with his WR which is very important.  He’s really looked good in the last 2 weeks.


Week one he struggled big time but the OL is playing out of their minds and he’s taking full advantage of it and has shined the last two weeks. I love his confidence and his comments saying he has a lot of work ahead of him and a long way to go to be where he wants to be. That is a winning attitude. He’s humble and a hard worker. Leadership matters. I like everything about Carr and look for continued growth.

Running Backs:

Isn’t it crazy how the run game improves when teams actually realize you can pass the ball?   Last year there were times where some teams had NINE players in the box to guard against the Raiders running game, literally daring the Raiders to throw the ball. With the success of the passing game, you are seeing much less of it.   All of the RB’s looked good and Latavius Murray had 139 yards on 26 carries. I still want Marcel Reece to get at least 5 touches a game but he had 1 run and one 55 yard pass reception and run. He’s too talented to see the ball so little.

Grade A-

Everyone contributed in some way and they looked solid. As long as Murray is healthy, these guys look good.

Offensive Line:

Carr has all day to throw and they ran for 97 yards against a tough run defense with Baltimore, and 155 against a bad one in Cleveland. Carr needs to buy steak dinners for these guys because they are not getting the credit they deserve. If they stay healthy, this is a really solid group.

Grade A+

Can’t get any better than what they did today. The most thankless job in football but one of the most important.

Wide Receivers:

Even at Texas Tech, I loved watching Michael Crabtree run routes. He’s precise and takes his craft seriously. If you look at his career he rarely has been truly healthy and when he is, he is good. How the Raiders took DHB over him is beyond me but Al Davis and his love for 40 times was too much to overcome. Amari Cooper is a future star and he has made the draft Kevin White fan club membership plummet. I still don’t get Seth Roberts playing over Andre Holmes. Roberts caught 2 nice catches but he also had two bad drops; again.


Another great game by these players. Cooper and Crabtree are old school WR ala Paul Warfield and Fred Biletnikoff. They work hard, keep their mouths shut and just play. I love these guys.

Defensive Line:

The Raiders DL had 2 sacks, and the LB’s had 3. The blitz played a big part of the Raiders defense this week so a lot of the Raiders pressure was not with their DL.  The Raiders rushed 5 players 80% of the time on passing downs in the first half.

Aldon Smith finally made an impact and it really showed. He was a little laid back at times against the run but in general he’s coming along fine. Khalil Mack had a solid game getting his first 2 sacks of the year. In the second half the Raiders didn’t blitz as much; especially in the 4th; and Josh McCown got more time and threw for 341 yards during a furious come back.

Dan Williams is playing as good as anyone against the run in the NFL and Justin Tuck is also playing well. In time this could be a really good group. The blitz played a big part of the Raiders defense this week.

Grade: B+

Part of the pressure on the QB was due to the high amount of blitzes the Raiders did in the first half.   When the Raiders stopped blitzing, McCown had more time. McCown was so late on so many throws that it was painful to watch, but it must have been fun to rush against. A good game but not a great one.


The linebackers played their best game of the year. They blitzed on most of the plays in the first half, and the Raiders rushed 5 players on almost every pass play. The LB’s ended up with 3 sacks. Curtis Lofton is the leader of this group and again played well. Malcolm Smith improved his run defense which is an issue with him.

Grade B+

The Raiders LB’s were solid and they controlled the Browns RB’s all day.

Defensive Backs:

A good pass rush sure helps these guys out. In the first half the Raiders pass rush, and the inability for Josh McCown to throw the ball on time was glaring. In the second half when the Raiders limited their blitzing, the DB’s struggled giving up 237 yards in the second half alone.

Carrie made 2 really good plays while moving to safety, stopping long passes where the CB’s were beaten.   On 4 separate occasions McCown was way late on long passes that the CB’s were obviously beaten on. Charles Woodsen made a great interception; on another late pass; but he struggled guarding the tight ends and that is still a huge issue. A better game but still lots to worry about.

Grade C  

Giving up 341 yards and 237 yards in one half against the Browns isn’t good passing defense. As I’ve said before the Raiders have to protect these guys by using a pass rush and they did that in the first half, but in the second half they became a little more conservative with a lead.  The results were the Browns big comeback. The Raiders are now 29th in passing defense in regards to yards per game. The Browns are not the Patriots.


Game 1 is a memory as the play calling is now exactly what Derek Carr needs; 3 and 5 step drops and quick passes. The Raiders came out aggressive in the first half and blitzed often with the LB’s ending up with 3 sacks. The first half was the best defensive half they’ve played this year.   In the second half; especially the 4th quarter; the Raiders stopped blitzing and the Browns went wild passing for 237. I would have liked to see continued aggressive blitzed throughout the game.

Grade B+

Solid game by the coaching staff. Great play calling and the blitzes in the first half set a tone for the game. I would like that to continue throughout the game but it’s a start.

Special Teams:

Sebastian Janikowski and Marquette King were as solid as always. One of the key plays of the game was when the Browns roughed the kicker on a punt which lead to a first down and an eventual score. Taiwan Jones continues to be good on kickoff returns and the Raiders picked up a key fumble on a muffed punt in the fourth quarter that killed the Browns.

Grade A-

A solid group who had a predictable solid game.

Next Opponent:   @ Chicago Bears (0-3); last game, loss @ Seattle Seahawks 26-0)


This was a big road win for the Raiders to get rid of some bad trends over the years. The Browns are a bad team but a win on the road is always a big deal in the NFL.

The Chicago Bears are the worst team in football right now and the Raiders should handle them fairly easily. Jay Cutler is unofficially out for the game, and with Jimmy Clausen at QB, the Bears have little to no chance to win. They have had a brutal schedule to start the season but they are a rebuilding team with few weapons on offense and a terrible pass defense.

The Raiders can’t look ahead to Denver and must continue to use the blitz against Chicago. Look for the DB’s to have a much better game against a bad opponent.

They say you really don’t know how good a team is until you play a good team on the Road but the Raiders don’t play a good team on the road until week 9 when they travel to Pittsburgh and a possible return by Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger was possibly on to an MVP season so missing his return would be a great thing. With the Ravens not being that good, the Raiders out of division schedule isn’t as daunting as first thought.   Look for the Raiders to go 3-1 into their home game with the Broncos which will be the most anticipated game in a long time.

“I’m Going Against the “EXPERTS”. The Raiders Will Go 2-1 Sunday In Cleveland in a MUST WIN Road Game”.


Week 3 Preview: Oakland Raiders (1-1) @ Cleveland Browns (1-1)

Sunday, September 27, 10:00 AM PST on CBS

FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

It’s not a big stretch but I feel the Raiders will win their next matchup against the Cleveland Browns.  Let’s look at the game in depth to see why.

Recap of Last week:

Raiders: Oakland had their best game in years on offense with a 37-33 home victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Derek Carr had a career day. Without much fan fare the Offensive Line had their best day in years with Carr barely getting touched all game.  The OL and Carr were awful against the Bengal’s so this is a nice come back for them.

Carr is not a pure pocket passer so protecting him is a must for his success.   In the first game against the Bengal’s he was rushed. Against the Ravens he was barely touched. Since college, Carr has struggled against a pass rush.

Another must is rolling him out and throwing deep which was done to perfection by proper play calling. Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree had great games and there was plenty to smile about on offense.

The Defense is another story. They have been a sieve against the pass and are last or near last in many defensive categories including yards and scoring. They are also tied for last in sacks with 0. Khalil Mack had another forgettable game with only 1 tackle and no sacks all day. The only bright spots for the defense have been the run stopping abilities of Dan Williams and Justin Tuck who are thriving playing together. Curtis Lofton was hurt early in the first game but was a tackling machine in the win against the Ravens.

Cleveland:   Cleveland also got a big win with a 28-14 romp of the Tennessee Titans in Cleveland. Johnny Manziel got lots of publicity due to his 2 touchdown passes, but he was only 8 for 15 for 172 yards and a 75% QBR. Manziel is now benched and Josh McCown will start. Neither QB is scary.

With WR Josh Gordon out for the year due to his 3rd suspension, the only real weapon the Browns offense has is WR Travis Benjamin who is also a great punt returner. He doesn’t catch a lot of passes but due to his speed, the ones that he does usually end up going a long play. The Browns running game right now is average only getting a little over 3 yards per attempt.

On defense they are better but still not world beaters. They have a good pass rush which was seen by an amazing 7 sacks last week, but the Browns run defense is ranked last in the NFL.

The Raiders will win if:

DEFENSE: The Raiders defense has been awful and only Chicago has been worse. What they need is for Khalil Mack to have a big game and Aldon Smith needs to step up and make a difference.  The run game of Cleveland isn’t scary and I think this will be a game that the Raiders defense can play well in. I don’t see the Browns offense doing much this game.

T.J. Carrie will probably be on Benjamin and in reality the rest of the WR are not that good. Due to the Raiders safety situation, watch the tight ends for Cleveland. Tight ends have had huge numbers against the Raiders in the first 2 weeks.

OFFENSE: Carr had a great game and got all the credit but in reality the OL protected him like a fortress.  If they continue to roll Carr out and throw deep; his 2 strengths; look for another good game from the young QB.

Latavius Murray will have his chance to shine. He should get 20-25 touches at RB and look for a 100 yard game and a touchdown. If the Raiders fall in love with the pass and don’t run, look for a much harder game.  With this OL, the Raiders should be able to run well.

The Browns will win if:

DEFENSE: Cleveland needs to keep Carr in the pocket. Carr has really good accuracy on the run, so they need to put pressure on him when he rolls out. They also need to get to him to stop the 5 and 7 step long passes. He’s much better in the pocket when he has great protection than fighting pass rushers which he struggles with.

Players like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers have amazing pocket awareness and footwork and can handle the rush without problems; ever since college it’s just not Carr’s talent.  Carson Palmer is having a great year but his career shows he will make bad throws if he’s pressured.  Arizona has allowed ZERO sacks and it’s not a coincidence that Palmer is having an amazing year so far.

The king of not handling a rush is Peyton Manning and he’s struggling.  Denver’s OL is playing badly and Manning’s been sacked 7 times this season already and in some years at Indy he wasn’t sacked 10 times all year.  Some QB’s can handle a pass rush and some can’t.

The Browns also need to take away the run game and make the Raiders more predictable so that they can unleash their pass rush. Cincinnati’s DL and corners played great in the first game and the Raiders had no answers.

OFFENSE: They will win if they can run the ball successfully. If they can’t run the ball then their passing game becomes predictable and their passing game isn’t very good.

McCown also needs to not be conservative and try to get the ball downfield to Benjamin. The Raiders are vulnerable against the pass and the Browns have not shown much of a passing game.


It’s amazing how bad west coast teams play when traveling east and playing the early game so that is a concern. The Raiders have lost their last 11 road games and their last 19 out of 20 being the visiting team. These are mind blowing statistics of futility.

I trust gamblers. It’s uncanny how right sports books are when making point spreads and they have the Browns as a 2.5 to 3.5 point favorite. Some sports books have 70% of the gamblers taking Cleveland.

As my followers know, I’m very unbiased though and I go by what I see, and I just don’t why everyone is picking Cleveland. The Browns are awful on offense and are terrible against the run on defense.

I see the Raiders having a good game on defense, and for Latavius Murray to have a solid if not spectacular 100 yard rushing game. Look for Khalil Mack and/or Aldon Smith to get their first sacks and for Curtis Lofton to lead the linebackers to improve their game. I don’t see a 300 yard epic passing game for Carr, but I do see a solid hard fought win. The Carrie v.s. Benjamin battle will be something to watch as well. Johnny Manziel coming off the bench is a probability.

Final Score:

Raiders 23

Browns 16

This is a MUST win for the Raiders; the Browns are just not very good and road wins are at a premium. Good teams don’t lose games like these.

They have 6 tough AFC West games, along with games against the Steelers, Packers, and 3 more brutal early east coast travel games against the Bears, Lions, and Titans.   I see the Raiders going to 2-1 with a hard fought win in the Dawg Pound and then look forward to playing the Chicago Bears.

The Oakland Raiders v.s. Baltimore Raven’s. Many Great Grades In a Nice Win


Final Oakland Raider Grades v.s. Baltimore Ravens; Week 2

(0-2)  Baltimore Ravens  33

(1-1)  Oakland Raiders  37

After one of the worst opening games in recent memory, the Raiders changed their offense and their approach and had an inspiring 37-33 come from behind win against the Baltimore Raven’s in front of a rabid Oakland crowd.


Roll Carr out and throw deep should be tattooed on OC Bill Musgrave’s hands. This is the first game that Derek Carr played in a way where he could show off his skills and the first time in years I have nothing to complain about in regards to the play calling. He still struggled with accuracy in the pocket but the Raiders rolled him out and he threw deep which is a must for his success. He thrives in those situations.

The long pass for a touchdown to Amari Cooper set the stage the rest of the game. It is a must for the Raiders success. It made the Raven’s honest on defense and it also helped the run game. It was nice to see safeties actually worrying about the deep ball than creeping up to stop the run.

Carr had a good rhythm with Michael Crabtree when he rolled out and he showed good accuracy. He has a great arm and he did a great job throwing deep.  The final drive showed patience and some nice throws.

The only negatives were Carr’s 2 bad interceptions in the fourth quarter and that has to be improved on against good teams. One of them was called back on the winning drive when the Raiders were called for defensive holding.


Carr had his best game as a pro. He still struggled some in the pocket with accuracy but outside the pocket he was extremely accurate and looked very natural. This is the type of QB he is. He also threw downfield which opened up holes in the secondary. He can throw deep and it was nice to see his talents shown.

Carr can’t throw those type of interceptions but other than that he had an excellent game and showed what he could do. Smiles all around.

Running Backs: 

The Ravens run defense is solid so getting 97 yards on the ground was a good day. Isn’t it crazy how the running game improves when teams are worried about you passing downfield? Cooper’s long touchdown set the stage for the running game and the Raiders took advantage of it.

Latavius Murray rushed for 65 yards on 15 carries and he had a short touchdown run. Solid game for the Raiders with the offensive line really shining.

Grade:  B

Solid game against a solid defense. If the Raiders continue to throw downfield, this will make defenses respect them and the running game will benefit. Safeties worrying about long passes aren’t very aggressive against the run.

Offensive Line: 

The OL had a great day. Penalties were an issue at times but for the most part, this is the best game the Raiders OL has played in a while.

Fans seem to rip on the offensive line when they lose, but give them little to no credit when they win. The Raiders offensive line was great and deserve game balls all around.

They gained 97 yards on the ground against a good run defense and they gave up only 1 sack all game. Carr had protection to burn. They handled the blitz properly and it was a solid effort from this much maligned group.   Carr will get all the publicity but the offensive line was a cohesive unit all game.

Grade:  A-

Week 1 was disastrous but week two showed that this can be a good group. The penalties were an issue that has to be addressed but for the most part this was a really solid effort.

Wide Receivers: 

The Raiders wide receivers shined with Cooper and Crabtree leading the way. Crabtree had a great day with 9 catches for 111 yards and a TD.   The Raiders FINALLY threw deep and Coopers long TD pass opened up the defense and made them honest. The Raiders run game and short passing game clicked because Baltimore now needed to respect that the Raiders could throw downfield. It was exciting to finally see.


Last week was forgettable.   This week was a great one for this group. Crabtree caught two very tough catches and Cooper spread the field. Andre Holmes also had 2 really good catches in traffic.

Defensive Line:

If it wasn’t for the Chicago Bears, the Raiders would have the worst defense after the first two games of the season. The Raven’s; who aren’t exactly a juggernaut; got almost 500 yards total offense.

The Raiders defensive line for the second game recorded no sacks and are last in the NFL. Khalil Mack was invisible with only 1 tackle and no sacks. Aldon Smith played more but he had only 1 tackle as well. Joe Flacco was allowed to have all day to throw and he diced up the Raiders secondary.

The Raiders gave up 109 yards on the ground (4.5 yards per carry) and 384 yards in the air. Flacco missed on 2 fairly easy passes that could have gone for TD’s. In the final drive on 3rd down he missed Steve Smith again who was wide open for a touchdown. Even with blitzes he had all day to throw. Justin Tuck and Dan Williams had some good moments though on short yardage running stops. Williams continues to be unheralded but he’s been solid and Tuck has played much better than he did last year.

Grade:  D

The Ravens did what they wanted on offense and only the misses by Joe Flacco saved this unit. Right now they are just not getting it done in any way.


Curtis Lofton was all over the place and played a great game. He lead the team in tackles and made two nice plays defending the pass.   They did struggle in the passing game.   With the Raiders safeties struggling guarding tight ends, they switched linebackers on them and they were not very successful. They were average against the run but they struggled a lot in the passing game.

Grade C

Another rough game for this group. Malcolm Smith was not bad against the pass but struggled again against the run. Lofton is the best linebacker on this team and he has to stay healthy.

Defensive Backs:

Right now the Raiders may have the worst DB’s in the NFL due to injuries and lack of talent. Joe Flacco was a mess against the Broncos and he looked like John Elway Sunday, just like Andy Dalton did the week before.

The Raiders picked up Taylor Mayes and he had a couple of good plays but overall the Safeties cannot guard Tight Ends. It got so bad the Raiders started switching linebackers to guard them. If Joe Flacco was more accurate, he could have thrown for more yards, missing on 2 TD’s by throwing too high. Steve Smith did whatever he wanted to the Raiders corners catching 10 passes for a whopping 150 yards.

Grade D- 

Without a pass rush, the DB’s are toast. Joe Flacco barely passed for 100 yards last week and struggled all day but this week he almost had 400 yards. The only way to help these guys is to get a pass rush. They are doing their best but it’s just not happening.


FINALLY they got it on offense.   I’ve been saying two things since last year; THROW DEEP and roll out Carr.

Throwing deep does 2 things;   it makes the defensive backs respect the long ball threat and it keeps them off the line of scrimmage and that opens up the rushing offense. If Safeties are near the line of scrimmage all the time, you can’t run the ball.   Last week the Raiders Qb’s averaged 4.7 yards a completion; this week 7.7 yards a completion.

The long ball to Cooper, coupled with rolling Carr out of the pocket gave him confidence. He can throw deep and he’s accurate on the run rolling out. The offense ran for 97 yards against a tough run defense partially because of the safeties having to respect the long ball.

The Raiders had 16 penalties for 106 yards and that can’t continue. No way are they going to win again with that many penalties.

Grade B+

The Raiders play calling was excellent and that has to continue. The penalties were extreme and that has to be fixed. They also have to do something to put pressure on the quarterback. Right now their DL are not pass rushers and Mack hasn’t had a good start to the season again. Overall a great improvement on a disastrous opener.

Special Teams:

Another solid game by this unit with Janikowski going 3 for 3 and Marquette King had 2 booming kicks.   The return game didn’t get many chances and it was not a factor.

Grade B+

The return game wasn’t a factor but King and Jano were solid.

Next Opponent:  Cleveland Browns (1-1; last game, win @ home against Tennessee Titans 28-14)

 Looking @ the Brown’s:

The Browns have been the same formula for a while now; run the ball and play solid defense and hope your QB gives you something. It hasn’t changed.

Against the Titans the Browns had great pressure on the Qb with 7 sacks on rookie Marcus Mariotta. They did struggle against the run giving up 166 yards on the ground to the Titans.

On offense they only had 13 first downs all game and Johnny Manziel threw only 15 times all day completing 8 passes for 158 yards and 2 TD’s. The Browns passing game is much more conservative and the hopes are that the Raiders can be more successful against a limited passing game.


It’s amazing how your offense is respected and holes are opened up when defenses respect you going deep.   It also opened up the running game against a solid run stopping team.

The Raiders defense has been terrible and things have to get better for them to succeed. Aldon Smith has to step up and make things happen by pressuring Johnny Manziel to make mistakes.

The Raiders offensive line had a great game after a terrible opening day and they will be tested with the pass rush of the Browns.

Carr was the worst rated QB on the road last year so this is a bigger game than people think. The Raiders have to start winning on the road if they are going to improve on their past seasons.

Flying back east for an early game usually spells danger for west coast teams. The Browns are not a great team so looking at their schedule, this is a near must win for the Raiders. Look for a tough contest, with the Raiders hoping to continue their growth.

“What Does It Mean to Be a Good Raider Fan; Solving The Mystery”

raiders for life

“What Does It Mean to Be a Good Raider Fan; Solving The Mystery”

I have no issues with confrontation but I really don’t like fighting. Life is just too short to take things so seriously and get so angry. That is why it’s hard to see the social media wars that fans wage with each other sometimes, especially Raider fans. I’d like that energy to be used to cure a disease or help kids with cancer.   It’s a waste of energy yelling at each other over a sport.

Losing does something to an NFL fan base, and for 12 years, no team in history has lost more than the Oakland Raiders. It has put a strain and stress on a fan base that has been beaten up like no other. From moving and coming back to another possible move, to terrible losing seasons; being a Raider fan is a test of will and patience. Let’s look at the different types of fans and finally what makes up a truly good fan.

The Optimist:

Our culture has changed. Millennials especially are really obsessed with being “ultra” positive.   They aren’t into conflict or being told something they like or follow isn’t very good. The word hater is in their vocabulary holster ready to come out as fast as a Doc Holliday pistol at a gun fight. I love the positivity they show but it can get pretty strange and sticky sometimes.

Win, Lose Or Tie, Raider Til I die is their mantra and it drives the Cynics crazy. Many Optimists feel that if anyone doesn’t see the silver lining in even the worst of situations, that they are not loyal and they are not real supporters. Their feeling is that you need to stick by your team through thick and thin with kind words of support, or you are not being a true fan.

They talk a lot about their loyalty and how they are great fans for constantly showing a positive vibe, and they refuse to face the negative even in the darkest of times. They are very emotional about their support and rip on those that are not positive about the next game or the next season. They tend to rely on opinions over the facts of what really is going on.

The Cynic:

Their Raider mantra is “Just Win Baby”. They don’t want to lose or tie, they want to win. They tend to live and die with the team each week.   If they win one week then 10 and 11 wins are ahead and if the Raiders lose, the sky is falling and they need to get rid of everyone.

They clash with the Optimists for not seeing what they feel is the obvious.   The gooey sweet support makes them kind of sick. They tend to be the over 35 crowd who have been through a lot with the team and they are ready to start winning again. They are OG Raider fans, and winning is the focus. Their feeling is that the Optimists dont even remember much of the winning tradition and they don’t understand their apathy. Cynics enjoy facts but their opinions are strong and tend to be more close minded.

The Realist:

The Realist tends not to be too emotional and they don’t have a mantra.   They love the Raiders but are usually more seasoned fans that have seen it all. They can be young or old but they are more laid back about it. They are not dressing up for games or have Raider stickers on their cars.

They go more by facts and what is, instead of opinions, and they look at the results. Realists are more analytical than the other groups. They drive the Optimists and the Cynics crazy because they are not as emotional about the team as others are, and they have a more philosophical approach to following the team. They don’t fall in love with every draft pick, and they have an opinion that isn’t all negative or positive. At times the other groups question their loyalty and their fervency for the Raiders.

What Makes a Good Fan:

What all three types of fans forget is that people in ALL of these groups can be good fans. A good fan is loyal person who loves their team and supports their success. They may go to the games or not, dress up and tailgate or just enjoy the games on television.

A good fan can be either very positive, negative, or somewhere in the middle. They care about the team and would never switch to another organization. They may have a busy family life, and their priorities are not as much on sports as it previously was but they still hope for the Raiders to do well and follow them.

In reality if you are a good fan you shouldn’t really worry about other fans.   If you know that someone is a front runner or only cares about the team when they win, then don’t sweat it. It doesn’t hurt you. Their joy in the teams winning really isn’t very rewarding and it shows how shallow of a person they are. You have a relationship with your team and they have one night stands.   They just want to be seen and get the attention of being a fan on a winning team where you actually care what happens.

For true fans, the joy of their teams success after years of futility is an amazing feeling. Sure the Golden State Warriors had a lot of young bandwagon fans that wanted to be a part of the fun and attention, but you also saw some fans who had waited decades to see their team win.

I saw more than a few tears shed in the last few years by long time Giants and Warriors fans who had waited so long for a championship. The bittersweet joy of winning touched their hearts like a child in springtime, while also bringing back amazing memories with loved ones that had passed away. They went to games against last place teams when each were laughing stocks and they cared deeply about how their teams did. Even with the passing of time, they still loved their team whether they cheered, complained, or booed them off of the court or field. They emotionally invested into a team that they loved, and the happiness of success was epic.

In the end we all want to be successful in life, be happy and have loved ones stay healthy.  In all this, Raider fans will hopefully someday again feel the extreme joy of winning.   Just remember the passionate joy that Warriors and Giants fans recently experienced, and remember that the more you invest into something, the more joy and contentment you will feel when they win.   So don’t worry about what another fan does, and don’t get upset when your loyalty is questioned. Be confident in your passion. Being loyal to the Raiders is for life, no matter what type of fan you are.

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