“With a Call in Raider Radio Talk Show in the Works; Raider Fans Talk About What They Do in the Off Season”

“With a Raider Radio Talk Show in the Works; Raider Fans Talk About What They Do in the Off Season”

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“With a Raider Radio Talk Show in the Works Let’s See What Raider Fans Do in the Off Season”

I thought it would be fun to get to know some of the Raider fans that I like to talk to or read about on Twitter, websites and Facebook.  I wanted to know what they did during the off season without football.

I also wanted to thank so many of you for your support; with my 2 political and sports twitter pages I now have over 30,000 Twitter followers from over 100 countries and its growing fast.  (@jimjaxmedia is the sport page) My followers include fans of all teams. Celebrities, athletes, and sportswriters.

I’ve been approached to do my own radio show and I’ve agreed.  It will mostly be for Raider fans to talk NFL and the sports news of the day.  We will also cover any hot topic that people want to talk about.  We are also lining up guests as we speak, but for the most part this is for you.

It will be a safe place for all Raider fans to participate online, or to call in and get their voice heard and have some fun.  Doesn’t matter if you have few social media followers, or many of them.  There will be no Facebook drama or control freaks telling you what to say; no pressure or childish blocking; just fans of all levels, ages and sexes coming to a safe, fun place to come to and talk Raiders and the NFL.

You can vent, applaud, or express what you want.  I want to keep it somewhat family friendly though so everyone can listen.  I also want to interview interesting fans as well as promote fan sites and facebook pages or any pro Raider causes that people are involved with.  This show is for you.

Tentatively we are testing it and it will probably be on an hour after Raider games end, as well as one show during the week.  I’m beyond excited to give everyone a voice!  We are looking to launch the week before the NFL draft!  I will keep websites posted when the time comes.  Instead of FUBU (for us by us) it will be For you, by you.  Can’t wait to hear your voices.

Now here are some of the fans that responded and told me what they do during the year when football is in the off season.  (I’m sensitive to privacy and only used the names the commenting people agreed to)

Mike Yokum:

I’ve been a fan since 1970 and it’s a 24 hour a day passion for me.  In the off season I get reacquainted with my wife first.  Since August I’ve lead a campaign to get Ken Stabler into the hall of fame.  I spend much of my time doing this and I’m always looking for help at it.  I also collect Raider memorabilia and have a vast collection from the 1976 Super Bowl team to hall of famers to some of the present players.  I keep in touch with the happenings of the draft and free agent signings and also keep abreast of the latest actions of the Biletnikoff Foundation and the Stabler Foundation.

Cisco Ortega:

I’m a lifelong Raiders, A’s and Warrior fans so I’m busy all the time.  I’m active in several groups including SOS (Save Oakland Sports) and I’m doing everything I can to support the City of Oakland, the teams, and the fans to keep all of the sports teams in Oakland, especially the Raiders.  I’m involved with Raiders.com and I also oversee several Raiders Facebook groups.  There is never a dull moment for me and there really isn’t much of an off season.


Fatima Rivera:

I keep track of what is happening with the Raiders but I also like to catch up watching my favorite tv shows like the Walking Dead.  I  like to hang out with friends and family as well.  I really LOVE to cook too.  I look forward to next year with all of the changes ahead.

Dr. James S.

I get a chance to spend time on my boat with my wife and kids.  I really don’t spend much time worrying about the draft or signings but I do get excited every August because I know I will be going to the games soon.

Tiffany Richards:

I don’t spend much time on the Raiders during the off season.  I’m spending time with friends and family and work more to pay for college.  I like to go to A’s games and work on my tan!  I get back into it during the pre-season.

Ralph (twitter Ralph):

I like to hang out with family and friends and enjoy the summer.  I love to watch the NBA because I don’t think much is on tv.  I also like watching the NFL draft and free agent signings to see what the Raiders and other teams do in the off season.

Tim Castro:

I run “Raiders Homeport” which is a Facebook Raiders page.  I spend countless hours posting photos, news, stories and other items that are only seen on the site.  I am retired and I enjoy being a Mr. Mom watching my daughter grow up here in West Virginia.  I’m a football junkie and made my first mock draft at 12 years old.  I love collecting topps cards and I have most cards from 1972 on.  I love talking football and sharing rumors and other stories online with fans on Facebook which is a year round activity.  I love the NFL draft and talking rumors and possible signings too.

Frank Loera:

I’m a big Dodgers and L.A. Kings fan so that keeps me busy.  I also love NFL pick ups and trades and the NFL draft is like Christmas morning.

Jay Vega:

I always keep up on Familia; whether it’s news articles, debates, or just making fun of the other 31 teams.  Oris & I also watch our SF Giants and SJ Sharks and argue basketball; with him being a Warrior fan and me a Laker fan.  Raiders are #1 and there is always free agent or draft news happening.

Will Platzek:

I do a lot of research with college players and free agent signings, or anything that has to do with the Raiders and the NFL.  I also keep up with the A’s and the Warriors.  I have 5 kids, my girlfriend, my ex wife and I do respite care for my parents so I’m a busy guy.  For me I’m a year round fan from Alaska!

Ceacar Brown:

First Jim I’d like to thank you for your contributions on our Facebook page, Oakland Raiders Talk. For me football season never ends I check newsfeeds from the first thing in the morning till I go to bed at night looking for any scrap of Raider news. That’s the reason why I started this page because most fans are casual, and don’t see all the small stories.

Jane Smith:

I follow football stuff during the off season. I do somewhat watch other sports. Tennis a little. Tour de France in July. No baseball really. I’m a single mom of three teenage kids. We camp and hike during the summer. Lots of hanging out and bbqs around our pool. We have the hang out spot a lot of time which I like. I’m big on cookin and entertaining. We also love beaches and the nor cal coast. Our family plans this year are Half Moon bay and Monterey Bay. For sports that I play: golf and snow ski in Heavenly once in a while. We just kind of enjoy family company and being together.

Matty Harrison (United Kingdom)

I watched my first NFL game when I saw my parents watching it in 1983.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked.  It was a novelty to them back then but now I watch it and they ask me why I still do.  The NFL isn’t that big here in the UK but I keep up with it by watching Sky Sports or the NFL network online.  Totally legal of course (ahem).  I like to follow the latest news on twitter and also look at the NFL website and various Facebook fan pages.

Kevin De’Juan:

I’m a huge sports fan. My focus shifts to college basketball. Once that’s over, its baseball season for me.

I don’t play video games as much as I used to, but Madden is my game. Football is always at the forefront because its my favorite sport.  I also oversee various Facebook pages.

Britney Johnson:

I love taking time off of and spending time at the beach with friends and family.  I also do some cross fit contests or performances and teach dance and cross fit.  I’m a new fan to football and the Raiders so I’m still learning about it but I love to go to the games.

Here is to a great off season to fans of the NFL everywhere and thanks to all that shared!  Please also don’t forget to sign the Ken Stabler for the hall of fame petition. It will take one minute and it will support the greatest Raider quarterback of all time.  Thank you!  Jim



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