“Today’s Quick Hitter: The One Glaring Hole in the Raiders That Still Has To be Filled To Win Again”


“Today’s Quick Hitter:  The One Glaring Hole in the Raiders That Still Has to be Filled to Win Again”

This is going to be a short but sweet hit today.   Last year the Raiders were next to last in quarterback sacks. They don’t need one, but two pass rushers. So far they have not signed one pass rusher. This HAS to be a priority and it hasn’t been so far.

In today’s passing rules which makes playing defense so difficult, the key to winning is a pass rush. You have to be able to rush the passer with 4 players, to allow for the 7 others to be able to defend the pass.

When the Patriots started to stop the pass rush of the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady started to pick apart the best defensive backfield in the NFL. Brady threw for over 300 yards including the final Patriots drive which ended in a touchdown. If you don’t have a pass rush in today’s NFL, there is no way your defensive backs are going to cover for long with the ridiculous rules protecting wide receivers.

The Raiders need not one, but 2 new pass rushers.   They need to add one in free agency and then add one in the draft.

If the Raiders DO NOT improve this part of their defense, they will struggle again. Dan Williams is a stud run stopper and is a great signing but you have to rush the passer to win in the NFL today.

Time will tell what the Raiders will do, but this is a hole that has to be filled.

Who Do They Sign?:

Right now the pickings are slim. Greg Hardy would be an amazing piece of the puzzle.   Brian Orakpo may also be a good signing but due to health issues, the chances of him playing in 16 games is slim and none and slim is leaving the building. Nick Fairley is a great talent but he’s inconsistent, looking like a world beater one minute and non existent the next.  No player is perfect though and the Raiders need to pull the trigger on one of them.

The Raiders pass rush should be the ultimate priority with #1 WR also in the mix. It’s no time to panic but this is a glaring weakness that if fixed in free agency or the draft, will be key to the success of the Oakland Raiders.



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