Here is Your Chance To Draft For the Raiders. The Potion of Motion? Everything NFL Draft 2015


NFL Draft Week is Here! It should be a fun and exciting day as always! Smiles all around.  (P.S. EPIC recipes are below!!  If you are brave enough, add one of your own in the comments section.  Thanks!)

Round 1 will be starting today at 5 pm PST; Round 2-3 will be tomorrow starting at 4 pm PST, and then Saturday Round 4-7 will start at 9 am PST.

The Jim Jax radio show will begin the week of the first exhibition game. I’m working on special guests and experts now but I mostly want to hear from the average fan.   From beginner to long term expert, every voice counts. I hope we all have fun and maybe learn a little along the way. It will be a call in show.   I’ll keep all the sites posted!

Thank you all for the amazing support. One article had readers from 24 different countries!!! At times I’m getting 500-1000 readers an hour with many great comments on Twitter, Facebook and DM and email. Your comments and voices are being heard and many great discussions have been started through your input. EVERY one of your voices matter.

Thank you all also for the comments and questions. I really like to hear especially from new fans that are just learning the in’s and outs of the game. It’s exciting to see energetic and new faces!


Remember that your guess is as good as anyone’s in regards to the draft. I checked up on mock drafts from last year and the best picks from ANYONE that is supposedly an expert is 7 picks right in the first round.   Todd McShay got 5 picks right, and Mel Kiper Jr. got 4. The year before Mel Kiper Jr. got ONE right in the first round.

I just saw an ESPN report that the Raiders needs were WR, RB and CB.   Um huh? Having the worst pass rush in the NFL isn’t a need? I’m sure they will fix that soon. They are probably drunk over their new found love, the big fight on Saturday.


My Epic Fast & Easy Hummus Recipe:

Now You Can Be an NFL GM; Draft for the Raiders:

Here is our challenge. How about YOU draft for the Raiders and then compare how things go in the future.   Please email or DM me directly, or post this on my Facebook or Twitter page and I will keep track of it on a spread sheet. Use any name that you’d like, and then down the road we can see who did the best!  Choose Round 1, or all 7 Rounds.

You can copy and paste the simple form below; take a photo with your phone; or scan and email. All in fun, from beginner to expert!

Raiders 2015 Draft Pick:         Your Draft Pick:

RD 1:

RD 2:

RD 3:

RD 4:

RD 5:

RD 6:

RD 7:


Here are my fast and easy NFL DRAFT DAY Wraps 🙂  Make a lot!  They won’t last long!

This year will be the first year I’m going to draft all 7 rounds. The key picks to the draft will be #2 and #3.

What Transactions May Happen Today:

Sam Bradford is NOT Chip Kelly’s type of QB. Remember when Kelly said they weren’t interested in Marcus Mariotta a couple of months ago? Yea Right.   Look for Bradford to be moved to either Cleveland or Tennessee. I don’t see Bradford running the show for the Eagles and the Titans may have the worst QB situation in the NFL this side of Buffalo.

I’ve never wavered; I think DL Leonard Williams will be there at #4 and the Raiders should take him. The Jag’s who don’t have a bad defense may go Amari Cooper to get another weapon for QB Blake Bortles.

Remember that pretty much any team that has a high pick have fans thinking of trading down. Only one or two ever do.

Here is to hoping all of the fans are happy and healthy and hopeful on 2015 NFL draft week. And I hope you enjoy the recipes!

salsa 2

Here is the recipe for my AMAZING and famous super fast Salsa. I’m not allowed to go to parties without it! If you like a different texture, chop the tomatoes and onions by hand.

Cherry Orchard 1 crop

The Potion of Motion to WOW Kids and Adults!


Step outside the box with this Easy and Refreshing Summer Ginger Splash!

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