Jim Jax Interview with ESPN 97.7 The Zone on Ken Stabler & the Hall of Fame

ken stabler

Thank you again to all of the people in Oakland, Los Angeles, Alabama and all over the world for their outpouring of support in honoring the great Kenny Stabler.  The popularity and passion of football fans is amazing.  The love of the Oakland Raiders really has no boundaries.

To anyone that reads this, please take a moment to sign the petition to get Ken into the Hall of Fame.  Please pass it on; saying you are a loyal fan of the Raider Nation is one thing; but this is the time when we need the actions of the fans.  Show your loyalty and love for one of the all time greats.  Thanks to Mike Yokum and others for all of their hard work.


Here is my article on why Ken Stabler is not in the hall of fame.  Hopefully the outpouring from fans and writers can change this.


This is Part 1 of my interview with Drew DeArmond from ESPN Radio 97.7 in Alabama.

Please listen to Drew’s show online.  He is a great interviewer and has amazing guests and insights.  Go to this site and click Listen Now on the right hand side of the page.  His show “The Mid-day Break; Talkin’ Ball” is on Monday through Friday from 12-2 CST.  (10-12 PST)


Part 2


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