Who is Jim Jax………..

“Thank you for visiting my page, listening to my podcasts and reading my articles.  I appreciate everyone’s support and I always hope I make you think outside the box, with compassion, character, & good common sense.  Peace to all.  Jim Jax”

Jim Jax has done it all at least once, and is now ready to do it again.  He is a popular podcast guest that has been featured on ESPN affiliates, CBS radio and national shows.  He talks about the NFL, college & pro sports, social media and any other topic you can think of.  He is the founder of the Jim Jax Media Network which interviews celebrities, athletes & various interesting people.

He started his career at a young age and is a former writer for about.com, ehow.com, various sports sites, and medical publications.  He has over 20 years of writing experience.  His twitter following on his 2 accounts now is over 48,000 with many celebrities, athletes, writers, producers, pastors, sportscasters and newscasters and good every day people following him.  He has been a guest on television shows as well.

Jim is part of the medical corporate world with experience in critical care medicine, being a former director for Respiratory Care, ER and ICU/CCU departments at a local hospital.  Jim has owned his own sleep lab and cardiopulmonary lab, and he’s played and coached in many sports while being an Athletic Director at a local Christian High School; this before the age of 40.

He has a vast love of news of the world and politics as well as women’s and minority rights fighting against injustice and domestic violence.  Add social media and technology to the mix and there isn’t much he hasn’t had his hands on.

Jax has traveled abroad to many countries and is a regular in the corporate and public speaking world. Don’t miss his easy and tasty recipes.  (yes he also has a bit of formal cooking training too!).  Feel free to follow him and he will enjoy following you and supporting your worthy causes.

His motto is;

facts are always > than biased opinions

7 thoughts on “Who is Jim Jax………..”

  1. Your article on Kenny Stabler was deeply moving. He was the face of the Raiders and an amazing talent on and off the field. You captured how I have felt since I have heard about his passing. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your gracious comments Sanjiv; I so appreciate your sentiments and I’m very appreciative. I’m glad you liked it. He was a very special man.


      1. Not a Raider fan but greatly appreciate your articles on the good old days! Respect those old Raider teams…so many great players. Only one thing to complain about is that roughing the passer call in 76 playoff game win over Pats!


  2. Thank you, very moving…as were the comments by your readers. It is a privilege to still be able to sit in the Oakland Coliseum and watch a game while recalling all the excitement of the 70’s….I know the place will either change entirely or be devoid of football/ baseball in the future…but for now, it is thrilling to still BE there!…Snake, and some other players from those great years, belong in HOF, thanks for the memories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Chris; change is great but also sad in seeing things that meant so much go away. thanks for your thoughtful comments and I’m glad you enjoyed it and remembered great times again. Don’t be a stranger. P.S. yes I have great readers! 🙂 Jim Jax


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